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How to Organize Your Airbnb Property

Updated: Feb 2

Do you have an Airbnb property? Did you know that according to the Airbnb Resource Center, cleanliness is one of the top reasons guests leave a negative review? Just like no one wants to find someone else’s hair on their pillow, no one wants to spend 20 minutes searching for a cutting board either.

Whether you welcome guests in a private room or an entire home, getting and keeping your Airbnb organized is essential to ensuring an optimal guest experience.

Here are a Professional Organizer’s tips for keeping your Airbnb organized and guest-ready:

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Organizing Tips:

  1. Everything has a home: Give everything ONE particular place to go. This increases the chance that when one guest puts it away, the next one can find it.

  2. Less is more: Be intentional with decorations, kitchen utensils, and other home essentials. Don’t be afraid of leaving some white space - empty space is good!

  3. De-personalize the home: Keep guest areas free from family photos, children’s artwork, and other personal items.

  4. Good opportunity to purge: The more stuff you keep, the more there is to be misplaced. Keep the essentials, but having four can openers is not necessary.

  5. Hire a professional if needed: Professional organizers can help you create organized, functional spaces you are proud to show off.

Organizing Tools:

  1. Label Maker: Don't forget to order Extra Label Tape!

  2. Drawer Dividers: This set is good for large utensil drawers, coffee/tea drawers, etc.

  3. Drawer Organizers: This set is good for silverware drawers, junk drawers, bathroom drawers, etc.

  4. Museum Gel: Holds drawer organizers in place so they don't slide around when you close the drawer.

  5. Clear Organizing Bins: These bins can be used ANYWHERE! Under the sink, in closets, inside drawers, etc.

  6. Shelf Dividers: Great for separating towel and sheet sets.

  7. Large Storage Containers with Lids: Having a set of these storage containers on hand is always great. Use them for extra linens (particularly a set of bedding for a pull-out sofa), extra consumables like paper towels, soap, etc., or owner's personal items to be stored when guests are in the home.


  1. Label everything: (including all shelves where the glasses, plates, pots, pans, etc. go). This helps ensure anyone using or cleaning your home knows where to put something back, and makes inventorying your space much easier.

Keeping your Airbnb organized minimizes the potential for messes and makes your space feel much more welcoming to guests. Whether you choose to invest in organizing tools or in Professional Organizing, with these tips you can create a comfortable environment and have your guests planning their next visit before they’ve even left!

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