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6 Products Busy Moms Are Using All Wrong

Updated: Nov 5, 2018


There are so many products on the market that are marketed to make your life easier, but many of them are just creating more stress. Here are 6 products busy moms are using all wrong.


Baskets are amazing for containing items and keeping things organized in your home. But often moms buy one or two baskets at a time so they don't match anything else in the house. Baskets come in so many shapes and sizes - instead of buying a basket solely based on looks buy baskets that are rectangular or square, solid (don't have large holes in them like wire baskets) and buy several of them at a time so you can use them in different parts of your home and they'll all match.

Dresser Drawers.

You're probably laying stacks of clothes in your dresser drawers and shoving them closed. Your dresser can work SO much better for you. Folding your clothes and setting them upright in the drawer, like file folders, will save you a ton of room, you'll be able to see everything at once and you'll never have to shove the drawer closed again!


Sheets, especially fitted sheets, are not the easiest to fold. Instead of stacking a sheet set together and hoping for the best that a pillowcase doesn't get lost, try this: fold the flat sheet, fitted sheet and one pillow case. Stack all three in a pile. Place them inside the second pillowcase and fold the pillowcase in on itself. This will keep an entire set together so you never have to go hunting for a matching pillowcase when the in-laws come in town.


Spices expire - did you know that? They often expire sooner than you think. Take 10 minutes every 6 months to see if your spices are expired. Toss the ones that have gone bad (chances are it's some random one like poppy seeds that you only used once) and make a list to re-buy the ones you use often. Fresh spices have much more flavor and you'll have to use a lot less.


In my opinion, irons are such a pain. They're not very easy to use, they're dangerously hot and ironing a button down is so time-consuming. Instead, send your formal wear to the dry cleaners and use Downy Fabreeze Wrinkle Release. If you don't know about this product O.M.G. you are going to love it. Lay the shirt or pants flat, spray generously with the Wrinkle Release, use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles, give it a minute to dry and Ta-Da!! Wrinkle free.

Dog Food.

Stop buying your dog food from the store. Buy it online! and offer great deals on dog food and it gets delivered right to your door. I'm a big believer in simplifying your to-do list as much as possible - you can even put your order on auto-ship.

Do you have any tips on products that busy moms could be using better? Tell us in the comments below!

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