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Hiring an Organizer vs. Doing it Yourself

Hiring an organizer versus doing it all yourself.

This is something that we get asked from time to time is "When do you know that you should hire a professional organizer? And when do you just do it all yourself?" You are perfectly capable of organizing your own space, but these are some things to consider when you want to bring in professional help.

Organizing can be a big task to take on. It can feel really overwhelming, especially if you are wanting to completely overhaul a space. If some places really cluttered and there's a lot going on, it can feel really overwhelming and it can be hard to stay on task. I would suggest that if you go into your space and you want to start getting it organized and you start taking everything out and you start sorting things in piles, and it just gets really overwhelming.

That's when having a professional there is really helpful. They'll help you stay on task. They will help you make sure that everything functions in a really intentional way for how you want the space to actually work for you, and they will take that pressure off of you of all the decision-making, because it can be a lot of decision-making that happens when you go into organizing an entire space.

Another benefit of having a professional organizer help you or a team of professional organizers is that they can accomplish a lot in one day and you can be more of the person who's just directing and saying, "Okay, this is the vision for what I want the space to look like." When you have a professional organizer and their team, they can actually execute on it for you.

So it's working smarter, not harder, right? And getting the final result in a lot quicker process. But, if you like the process of going through, taking everything out, sorting everything, putting it into like categories and then figuring out where does it all go when you put it back, then try and tackle that project yourself, because it seems like you probably are well on your way to being really organized. But if you get overwhelmed by the process, you want somebody there to help keep you accountable, or you want somebody to just take care of it all for you, that would be when I would highly suggest bringing in a professional organizer, especially when you have the ability to work with a professional organizing company that has a team.

If you are in the Savannah Georgia area, the Atlanta, Georgia area, or the New York City area, feel free to reach out to us at Orchid Organizing and we can help you take care of all of that for you.

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