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What are the best products to organize your home?

The best products to help you organize your space... you might be surprised. They're pretty simple.

My favorites are baskets, bins, and labels. Those are the most simple and most effective tools for organizing your space. Now, before you get started with those tools it's really important to make sure that you've gone through your space decluttered, afewernd gotten rid of anything that you want to discard donate, give away you don't use anymore clear that out because the less items you have, the easier it is to organize.

Then when you go to organize, keep it really simple with baskets, bins, and labels. I like to keep everything uniform. So if I'm going to go with a wicker basket. I want all the wicker baskets to be the same size and I want them to be made from the same brand, same size, same height, same shape, all of that.

The reason for that is that it looks very clean. It looks really professional when everything matches. Just think about when you go in a department store, if they had all these different hangers for the clothes, it would look messy and not intentional. It looks way more professional when you have everything uniform in your space.

It takes less for your brain to process because everything looks the same. So it's Doesn't have to think very hard when it looks at all the baskets and bins and labels. If they all match it, won't be too hard for your brain to process and it'll feel a lot more calming. One of the biggest tips that I can give you for baskets and bins is always picking a basket or bin that is rectangular or square. I prefer rectangular and has straight edges. You want straight edges on all sides, because if they flare out, there's a lot of baskets like at target or home goods that they flare out like this. When you put that in a drawer or in a

particular space where it's going to hit the edges. You are losing out on all this area. If the basket goes like this, you're losing out on that triangle of space that you would have had otherwise. And things just don't fit in the basket as well. They also don't fit in spaces as well. Another thing that you can do is measure the space before you actually buy the containers or bring them in.

That makes a huge difference in making sure that all of them fit that, you know if you're going to do three baskets, they all fit together on that one shelf or in that one closet space, because it's really frustrating when you get some baskets and bins, and then you realize that you can't fit three, you could fit two and a quarter baskets.

That just can't that just doesn't work. So measure beforehand, look for things that are angular and have straight edges. It's great if something has a top as well, and it can be stackable. That's really fantastic. In this video, we will link to our Amazon page that has all of our favorite organizing products.

If you want help with the organizing process itself, reach out to us on our services page at

We serve all the areas around Savannah, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City, so we are happy to help you get your space organized and figure out which organizing products are best for you.

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